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Gap in Art

Contemporary art is a rich collection of human achievements from various fields that create a great cultural collage. The necessary need to constantly discover and form an artistic personality is an important aspect of the “Gap in Art”.

The artistic activity, known as “The Gap in Art”, aims to fill empty spaces through various techniques of artistic expression. It is a versatile and constantly evolving creative initiative that allows you to combine different techniques to express artistic ideas.


Personal orders

Do you dream of personalized painting for your home, apartment, office, living room?
Do you want to decorate your space with a special painting?
Would you like to give a loved one a special work of art on the occasion of a special holiday?
Do you need an individual gift design?

Just send a message!
After mutual agreeing the details, delivery date, method of payment and delivery
– all you need to do is pick up the package and enjoy the uniqueness of your idea!

Why I should invest in art?

1. Young art only gains in value

2. Contemporary art is an ideal and original gift for weddings, birthdays, name days and other special occasions

3. Painting, graphics, drawing, collage is a perfect decoration for home, apartment, living room, bedroom, home office, premises and many other spaces

4. A work of art gives prestige to the interior

5. Communing with art lowers the level of anxiety

6. Art is a cure for unhealthy perfectionism

7. Being surrounded by art while working increases the level of creativity

8. Surrounding yourself with art at home raises the level of sensitivity, empathy and cordiality

9. Fine arts develops the ability to find unconventional solutions

10. Contemplating art develops non-standard and abstract thinking